Life on the Edge

by Abhishek Dixit

PLC State University of Performing and Visual Arts, India


The film features Abdul (26) and Mohd. Anees (28) who are riders in "Well of Death", also known as "Maut Ka Kuwan". Their father used ti ride a cycle or bike in a pit  and in 1982 was the first to use a ramp above ground.

Director's biography

Abhishek Dixit is pursuing a Master of Arts in Philosophy. Did Post Graduate Diploma in Folklore and Culture Studies, BFA in Film Direction, BTech in Information Technology, and Diploma in Information Technology. He received a fellowship from The ArtX Company and Goethe institute for Cultural Management in the Digital Age project. His past work includes a web series, "The Laachaars" (Under Post Production). He is working on two of his books, one on the biography of Ebrahim Alkazi for which he won a fellowship from The Raza Foundation and one is historical romance fiction, "Coast & Shore"! He also received an All India scholarship from Mahindra and Mahindra for having a good academic record. He is contributing to Culture, Heritage, Tradition, Folklore, Philosophy, and Cinema by making documentaries in order to conserve them digitally. He is dedicating his life with the vision to promote, preserve and protect Art, Literature, Culture, and Heritage.


Director: Abhishek Dixit

Cinematography: Jhanvi Goyal

Editing: Dupinder Kaur


Original title: Life on the Edge

Running time: 12'

Film type: Documentary

Country: India

Completion date: August, 2021