My Friend

by Marin Cumatrenco

Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, Romania


A random message on Facebook creates a bridge between Europe and Africa. Marin, a student in film directing from Moldova, have to choose: to finance or not a young football player from Togo.

Director's biography

Marin Cumatrenco was born in the Republic of Moldova. After graduating high school, he decided to start studying the art of directing at UNATC Bucharest. From the age of 17, he has been participating at EFM at Berlin Film Festival as a member of a Production house from Moldova.


Director: Marin Cumatrenco

Screenplay: Marin Cumatrenco

Cinematography: Alexandru Bodrug, Marin Cumatrenco

Editing: Cătălin Furtună


Original title: My Friend

Running time: 18'

Film type: Documentary

Country: Romania

Completion date: 2020