by Melek Bahce

Warsaw Film School, Poland


A depressed 60 year old man, Evren, living in Cyprus, who lost his daughter yearsago, rediscovers his passion for life through a chance encounter with a rambunctiousyoung woman in her early 20's who has nothing to lose and devotes herself to catch andenjoy the last moments of her life. She asks him to drop her off at the beach whereshe'll have a camp. Friends don't show up and they end up opening up to each otherand share their opposite perspectives on life.

Director's biography

Melek Bahçe was born on 18th May 1999, in Ankara, Turkey. She grew up in North Cyprus since she was little. Throughout her life, she indulged in various branches of art such as playing piano, theatre acting, dancing, drawing and painting. Her passion for art only grew larger over the years of discovering the power of creating. Always being fascinated and inspired by filmmaking, she studied Film Directing and Video Games at the Warsaw Film School. She is currently doing her masters of Lens-based Media at Willem de Kooning Academy.


Director: Melek Bahce

Screenplay: Melek Bahce

Cinematography: Monika Rakowska

Editing: Piotr Kamiński

Music: Szymon Orłowski


Original title: Pinar

Running time: 13'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Poland

Completion date: November, 2019