by Greta Benkelmann

Hamburg Media School, Germany


Selina wants to get away from her broken circumstances. Her boyfriend Nico takes her on a joyride that ends prematurely. The abyss of their young love is unearthed. When Selina meets Katharina, she increasingly recognizes Katharina’s pain as her own and Selina must ask herself: What does love have to endure?

Director's biography

Greta Benkelmann was born in 1992 in Duisburg, Germany. Immediately after school she was able to breathe film set air for the first time by participating in a directorial work experience. During her cultural studies, in which she chose literature and philosophy as her focus, she worked as a script supervisor for various film and television productions. Parallel to this she started realising her own projects and started studying film directing at Hamburg Media School in 2018, which she completed in 2020 by finishing her short film Selina.


Director: Greta Benkelmann

Screenplay: Greta Benkelmann

Cinematography: Markus Austel

Editing: Philip Jestädt


Original title: Selina

Running time: 25'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Germany

Completion date: December, 2020