Silent Zone

by Caren Wuhrer

Hamburg Media School, Germany


Alice, uncommunicative and electrohypersensitive, lives in seclusion in a dead zone deep in the Northern German forest. But then her hermitage is suddenly disturbed by the sex worker Lucia, who settles on the border of Alice's safe space with her lovemobile.

Director's biography

Caren grew up near Lake Constance in the Valley of Love. After graduating from high school she travelled to East Africa for a longer period of time. 2010 preliminary studies in art and design in Meersburg. From 2011 studies of visual communication at the Academy of Art and Design in Offenbach am Main. Here she creates experimental and fictional short and animated films. Some longer interruptions of her studies by working on film sets and as an editor. 2018 - 2020 Master's degree in directing at the Hamburg Media School.


Director: Caren Wuhrer

Screenplay: Caren Wuhrer

Cinematography: Felix Tonnat

Editing: Maxi Willmann


Original title: Funkschatten

Running time: 29'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Germany

Completion date: December, 2020