by Juan Albarracín

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid , Spain


After 20 years away from his brother Pablo, Jose returns to his childhood house with an important secret to tell him.

Director's biography

Juan Albarracín was born in 1999 in Lorca, Murcia, España. He is a director, screenwriter and author known for Uno de noviembre (2018), Volver al sur (2020) and his books Siete trompetas (2015) and El hombre rígido (2018). On January 2019, he founded with writer and director Paolo Natale the entertainment company El Eclipse.


Director: Juan Albarracín

Screenplay: Juan Albarracín

Cinematography: Alberto Zamora

Editing: Juan Albarracín

Music: José Luis Albarracín


Original title: Volver al sur

Running time: 11'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Spain

Completion date: 2021