by Teodora-Kosara Popova

National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Bulgaria


Silviya – an old lady working as a surgeon, that does not believe in love; an Italian man living abroad who’s only job is teaching tango, a blind girl looking for love and one very short man that describes how tango reflects the relation between men and women. 

Director's biography

Teodora-Kosara Popova is born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has graduated Film and television directing in NATFA, Bulgaria. She’s best know for her documentary „Tanda“ that was a Student Oscar nominee in last year’s Student Academy Awards. This and her other short films „Once nearly“ „Wolf Song „Randezvous“  „Cherry All Souls' Day“ and "Theatrical Roamance" are honored in many  international film festivals.

Teodora-Kosara has also been a part of the Youth jury of Sofia Film Festival (2019) and Otranto Film Fund Festival (2018).


Director: Teodora-Kosara Popova

Screenplay: Teodora-Kosara Popova

Cinematography: Rebecca Naydenova

Editing: Denislav Marinov


Original title: Tanda

Running time: 24'

Film type: Documentary

Country: Bulgaria

Completion date: 2020