The Bond

by Miljana Tešović

Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia


In the intimate world of a man and a woman, the bond that unites them is a tangible golden thread. Over time, the couple becomes entangled in a multitude of failed attempts to deal with personal problems.Technique: Hand drawn, 2D computer.

Director's biography

Miljana Tešović (1995) from Bor (Serbia) studdied Animation at The Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. She participated in several group exhibitions, animation projects and workshops. Volunteers at Balkanima festival since 2018. The Bond is her graduation film.


Director: Miljana Tešović

Screenplay: Miljana Tešović

Editing: Ivan Milosavljević

Music: Miloš Drndarević


Original title: Veza

Running time: 07'

Film type: Animation

Country: Serbia

Completion date: August, 2020