The House Has Horns

by Stefan Tomić

Academy of Arts in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina


A family of three discovers that none of them have slept in days. The mother, concerned about the health of her family, tries to fight this mysterious insomnia, but every attempt is in vain. She begins to lose her sanity and as she breaks down, so does her family.

Director's biography

Stefan Tomić is born in 1998 in Banja Luka. He studies film directing at Academy of Arts Banja Luka. So far he has made six short films and one documentary. He is the creative author of all his works in the form of screenwriting, developing ideas, editing and also working as a director of photography. He also receieved the award for the most successful third year student of the Drama department in 2019. In 2020. his short documentary film "The Roots" won the Special Jury Award at Sarajevo Film Festival and also Special Jury Award at Revija Studenstkog Filma held in Zagreb.


Director: Stefan Tomić

Screenplay: Stefan Tomić

Cinematography: Katarina Vuković

Editing: Stefan Tomić

Music: Jovan Erceg


Original title: Kuća ima rogove

Running time: 24'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Completion date: April, 2021