The King

by Maria Claudia Blanco

La Fémis, France


Li, an illegal immigrant in Paris, works as a professional queue-tailer. He suffers in silence and does everything so that his daughter does not follow the same path of submission as him.

Director's biography

Maria Claudia grew up in Colombia before leaving for France to pursue her passion for cinema. After studies in filmmaking and shootings on Colombian and French sets, she joined the directing department at La Fémis in 2018. She rhymes Paris with Bogota, innocence with maturity and energy with mildness.


Director: Maria Claudia Blanco

Screenplay: Maria Claudia Blanco, Emmanuelle Moreau

Cinematography: Alexandre Vigier

Editing: Helio Pu

Music: Diego Ayala


Original title: The King

Running time: 20'

Film type: Fiction

Country: France

Completion date: March, 2021