by Jedrzej Michalak

The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz, Poland


Gigi is a 25-year-old charismatic youtuber. Her life mostly consists of drinking too much alcohol and writing rebellious poems. Ala, one of Gigi’s fans, comes to rescue her from her biggest addiction.

Director's biography

Film and theatre director based in Warsaw. While studying law in Warsaw and Vienna he became a human rights activist - and that led him to filmmaking. Jędrzej has experience in shooting his films in a few European countries as well as in Asia and Africa. He graduated from the Lodz Film School in January 2020.


Director: Jedrzej Michalak

Screenplay: Jedrzej Michalak

Cinematography: Jan Groblinski

Editing: Anna Koc-Wittels


Original title: Transmisja

Running time: 27'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Poland

Completion date: 2020