We Come One by One and We Leave at One’s

by Mihnea Toma

Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, Romania


In the midst of a world where traditions are dissipating and the Church views mourning as a pagan custom, the last generation of mourners from the village of Romuli reveals a different perspective on death.

Director's biography

Mihnea Toma is a romanian film student born in 1999. He is in the final year of study at UNATC “I.L. Caragiale” in Bucharest. He made three short films, two documentaries – Mă numesc Sebastian (2019)  and Venim pe rând și mergem pe sărite / We come one by one and we leave at one's time (2020) – and the short fiction L-ați vazut pe...? (2019). In the present, he is working at his final year short fiction.


Director: Mihnea Toma

Cinematography: Beatrice Paun

Editing: Mihai Dumitrache


Original title: Venim pe rând și mergem pe sărite

Running time: 20'

Film type: Documentary

Country: Romania

Completion date: 2020