We’ll Never Get Lost Together Again

by Eugene Koshin

Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors in Moscow, Russia


Sasha (27) missed his flight. He has to spend the whole day in the mysterious southern city, without cash, mobile phone, wi-fi and other benefits of civilisation, accompanied by young Sashka, an eccentric and beautiful girl.

Director's biography

Eugene Koshin is a Ukrainian director and author. Born in Donetsk in 1987. In 2020 he received a degree in film directing at the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors in Moscow (workshop of Irakly Kvirikadze). Previously he graduated M.A. in Philology at Donetsk University. His short film STAR DAVID participated at 42 festivals, including Tallinn, Frankfurt, Krakow, and won several awards. Since 2015 he lives in Kyiv and works as 1st AD in cinema and as a director on TV.


Director: Eugene Koshin

Screenplay: Eugene Koshin

Cinematography: Nikita Khatsarevich

Editing: Katerina Zabulonska

Music: Maxim Smogol


Original title: Мы больше никогда не заблудимся вместе

Running time: 35'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Russia

Completion date: 2020