Welter of Words

by Tessa van Vuren

Utrecht University of the Arts, Netherlands


Welter of Words follows the story of a girl who overthinks too much and seems unable to stop. Through to all her thinking she ends up in a chaotic imagination world that’s full of her own thoughts, which she cannot escape. In this world she has to find a solution for her overthinking and regain her peace of mind.

Director's biography

Tessa van Vuren is a recently graduated director, animator and illustrator. She studied 2D animation at Utrecht University of the Arts. Before that, she studied illustration design for 2 years, which was a great inspiration for her later animation work.


Director: Tessa van Vuren

Music: Renate Jolein Kroes


Original title: Woordenbrij

Running time: 05'

Film type: Animation

Country: Netherlands

Completion date: June 2021