by Ana Leticia Zimmermann

Universidade Positivo, Brazil


Carlos Eduardo Zimmermann was a Brazilian artist, of great national and international prestige. In this documentary, big names in the Paraná artistic scene remember his trajectory.

Director's biography

Ana Leticia Zimmermann was born in Curitiba, Brazil, in 1993. She graduated in Advertising and has a postgraduate degree in Communication and Culture. 3 years ago she started to dedicate herself to the area of ​​production design and direction assistance in advertising projects, and the short film Zimmermann is her first experience as a director.


Director: Ana Leticia Zimmermann

Screenplay: Ana Leticia Zimmermann

Cinematography: Vinícius Antunes

Editing: Ana Letícia Zimmermann


Original title: Zimmermann

Running time: 24'

Film type: Documentary

Country: Brazil

Completion date: October, 2019