And the Night Remained

by Anze Grcar

Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, Slovenia


One irreversible event that changes the young couple forever... and nothing is as it used to be. And the night remains forever.

Director's biography

Anže Grčar was born in 1997 in Trbovlje. He is studying film and television directing at AGRFT since 2018. His short documentary (In)visible won the Vesna Award for best student film in the Festival of Slovenian Film. He currently works as 2nd assistant director on various feature films.


Director: Anze Grcar

Screenplay: Anze Grcar, Andraž Žigart

Cinematography: Andraž Žigart

Editing: Ana Gržetić

Music: Urban Leskover


Original title: In je ostala noč

Running time: 08'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Slovenia

Completion date: November, 2021