by Nemanja Mladenovic

Academy of Arts Belgrade, Serbia


Exhausted of low-paid jobs, and following the breakup with his long-term girlfriend; frustrated Nicola believes his only escape is leaving the country. The story is set in one single day, in which he goes to an old friend from whom he buys a fake European Union passport. Throughout this day Nicola encounters several unpleasant situations that give us the impression he's about to explode any moment.

Director's biography

Nemanja Mladenovic was born in 1992. He graduated Film and TV directing at the Academy of Arts Belgrade. His movies ,,Temper” (2015) and Maestro” (2016) were shown at numerous film festivals around the world and won several awards. His remake of the film ,,Reservoir dogs” (2015) won on a national competition and represented Serbia on ,,Jameson Empire Awards - Done in 60 seconds" in London. In 2016 he reiceved award for the ,,Best Student” at Academy of Arts Belgrade. He graduated with his film ,,Burnout”.


Director: Nemanja Mladenovic

Screenplay: Nemanja Mladenovic

Cinematography: Vladimir Djuric

Editing: Andrej Krizan

Music: Magdalena Boskovic, Filip Colic


Original title: Pregoreo

Running time: 27'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Serbia

Completion date: December, 2021