Ferial Coffee

by Mohanad Elkashef

Higher Cinema Institute , Egypt


A human talk between a young man in his early thirties who works in a musical group and one of the inmates of a psychiatric hospital.

Director's biography

Mohanad graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema, Directing department, He directed a short fictional film “story from the city ”which participated in Luxor African Film Festival. In 2018 his  short “Three hours after midnight” participated in the Ismailia short film  Festival. And his  documentary “Nahawi elhalabeya”participated in the Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival 2019.


Director: Mohanad Elkashef

Screenplay: Tamer Abd Elnaby

Cinematography: Karim Gamal El-Din

Editing: Wael Arbab

Music: Ahmad Elsawy


Original title: Qahwet Ferial

Running time: 15'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Egypt

Completion date: 2021