In the Shadows

by Luis Felipe Ferra

Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom


Experts speak uncompromisingly about ghostwriting, a seemingly harmless literary exercise that involves legal, contextual, originality, and transparency problems. The film poses an ethical reading that gives rise to various uncertainties and irrefutable truths about the main clients of ghostwriting: media personalities, politicians, and publishers.

Director's biography

Among Luis Felipe's humanist education there are diverse courses in History of Art, Opera and Classical Greece, likewise he has studied in Italy, Australia, Mexico, Spain, the UK, and the USA. In 2021 Luis Felipe completed a third master's degree in Film at Queen's University Belfast in Northern Ireland (Great Britain), his film dissertation addresses the ethical problems of ghostwriting in Mexico.


Director: Luis Felipe Ferra

Screenplay: Luis Felipe Ferra

Cinematography: Diego Vargas

Editing: Luis Felipe Ferra

Music: Daniel Wong


Original title: En La Sombra

Running time: 20'

Film type: Documentary

Country: United Kingdom

Completion date: 2021