Influencer 3.0

by Selin Su Kılınçarslan

Istanbul Kültür University, Turkey


Social media has radically changed many sectors. It has added new professions and new concepts to our lives. The movie characters and novel heroes who used to shape our lives have been replaced by influencers. So who shapes the lives of these influencers? What kind of solidarity is behind it? How do these people who are like all of us become influencers? 

Influencer 3.0 tries to understand what goes on behind what we see on our screens and the new version of the industry phenomenon by shedding light on the kitchen of influencership.

Director's biography

She was born in 1998 in Ankara. She started studying at Istanbul Kültür University, Art and Design faculty, Communication design department. Since the beginning of her studies she’s been editing, being an assistant director and doing art management. Now she is continuing her studies and film making in İstanbul Kültür University.


Director: Selin Su Kılınçarslan

Screenplay: Selin Su Kılınçarslan

Cinematography: Berke Durukan

Editing: Tolga Tunç

Music: Fatih Sondal


Running time: 18'

Film type: Documentary

Country: Turkey

Completion date: August 2022