Man's Best Friend

by Gaya Elstein

Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School, Israel


For a place that is meant for the dead, the animal cemetery seems to be full of life. Every day people come and visit their deceased companions and each have different mourning ceremonies - each in their own unique way with their connection to their pet.

Director's biography

Born in 1993. Graduate of the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School. During her studies she made two documentaries and continued to work in the field as assistant director and as a researcher. 


Director: Gaya Elstein

Screenplay: Gaya Elstein

Cinematography: May Abadi Grebler, Gil Fermon

Editing: Shiri Kuban


Original title: Chavro Hatov

Running time: 18'

Film type: Documentary

Country: Israel

Completion date: January 2022