by Anna Anat Gofman Banai

Tel Aviv University, Israel


Leading up to her concert, Samira, an Arab lesbian singer, invites her family to see her on stage for the first time - something that feels almost like coming out again.

Director's biography

Director, screenwriter, and actress.
Finished Beit Zvi School of Performing Arts, and since then she is acting in diverse plays in Israeli theaters.
In addition, she has completed her B.A. in directing and teaching theater at Seminar HaKibbutzim College.
Currently, she is enrolled in her senior year of an MFA degree in film and television studies at Tel-Aviv University. This is her second short film as a director.


Director: Anna Anat Gofman Banai

Screenplay: Anna Anat Gofman Banai

Cinematography: Aviv Meseznik

Editing: Zohar Rom

Music: System Ali


Original title: Samira

Running time: 18'

Film type: Documentary

Country: Israel

Completion date: February 2021