Talking with My Stranger

by Lora Markova

London Film School, United Kingdom


A young man buys a suspiciously cheap car from a mysterious salesman to impress the girl he likes. The date is quickly ruined as the car embarrasses him in front of the girl and he soon realises his purchase is possessed. In his attempts to fix everything, he learns a valuable life lesson about the subconscious choices we make. 

Director's biography

Lora Markova is a 23-year-old self-driven screenwriter/director and creator of the first recruiting platform for Bulgarian filmmakers CastnCrew who gained a Filmmaking BA and Screenwriting MA in London. She has gathered great accomplishments with her first two shorts The Waiting Room and Talking with My Stranger at film festivals, ceremonies and screenings and currently has a third project in post production. With her strong connection to her Balkan roots, she is eager to create a successful career and make her home country Bulgaria proud.


Director: Lora Markova

Screenplay: Lora Markova

Cinematography: Anastas Shipkov

Editing: Danail Kolev

Music: Dobromir Kisyov


Original title: Разговори с Моя Непознат

Running time: 06'

Film type: Fiction

Country: United Kingdom

Completion date: April 2022