That's Not All

by Stefane Eskelsen

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil


Two young women narrate their stories of recent love relationships.
Living in the metropolis of São Paulo, their experiences are permeated by issues influenced by current ways of relating in love.

Director's biography

With a Bachelor’s degree in Performing arts from the Univeristy of São Paulo, with license in acting, Stefane has been an actress since she was 15, when she started to work in different productions. At 20, she discovered her passion for photography and expanded her working area to this artistic language. In 2020, she created, produced, directed and photographed “Monochromatic” and, in 2021, she wrote and directed the short film “That’s not all".


Director: Stefane Eskelsen

Screenplay: Stefane Eskelsen

Cinematography: Stefane Eskelsen

Editing: Andrei Moyssiadis

Producer: Samya Coelho


Original title: Isso não é tudo

Running time: 10'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Brazil

Completion date: April 2022