The Guilt

by Bianca Palmieri Balduini

ECIB Barcelona, Spain


Marta and Sophia are old friends, but their lives have been divided by a dark secret they share. While the secret belongs to their past, it still seems to torment them in the present, so badly that one of them decides to tell the truth. Marta cannot carry the guilt one day longer: she informs Sophia she wants to confess what they have done, regardless the repercussion the truth might have on their lives. Sophia completely disagrees, and will do everything she can to convince her its not a good idea. Maybe one of the girls has more to lose than the other...

Director's biography

Bianca Palmieri Balduini is an italian director, filmmaker and writer.
She speaks fluent english and spanish, and now lives in Barcelona where she recently graduated in ECIB Film School. She wrote and directed more than 8 shorts (one of which has just been selected in FICNOVA Festival) plus a Christmas Spot for Ecib and 9zeros. She also participated in the Acciòn Climatica Festival with the short "Sand Angel", and in FILMAKA Festival with the short "Fallen". She is currently working on more projects, and exploring more genres and themes.


Director: Bianca Palmieri Balduini

Screenplay: Bianca Palmieri Balduini

Cinematography: Lucas Maffei

Editing: Julio César

Producer: Jose Blanch


Original title: La Culpa

Running time: 10'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Spain

Completion date: June 2022