Theatrical Romance

by Teodora-Kosara Popova

National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Bulgaria


In the town of Ensk, between two boulevards, right at the town square, one can find the Ensk Theatre (Enskian Theatre)- a place where the stories of two people, tenaciously searching for love, will come together.

Director's biography

Teodora-Kosara Popova is born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has graduated from Film and television directing in NATFA, Bulgaria. She's best known for her documentary „Tanda" which was a Student Oscar nominee in the 2020 Student Academy Awards. Her short films are honored in many international film festivals.
Teodora-Kosara has also been a part of the Youth jury of Sofia Film Festival (2019) and Otranto Film Fund Festival (2018).


Director: Teodora-Kosara Popova

Screenplay: Pavla Kotova, Toncho Kravesky, Teodora-Kosara Popova

Cinematography: Rebecca Naydenova, Eva Petrunova

Editing: Denislav Marinov

Music: Angel Marinov


Original title: Teatralen roman /s/

Running time: 27'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Bulgaria

Completion date: May 2021