Two Familiar Strangers

by Markus Müller

University of Bayreuth, Germany


Raimund is blind and about to hang himself, when his doorbell rings. As he opens he finds a nervous, young man called Robbie who claims to be his son. Robbie enters the house, finds the rope and refuses to leave. The two strangers need to talk, slowly start to get to know and maybe even understand each other…

Director's biography

My name is Markus Müller, I am doing my Masters in Literature and Media at the University of Bayreuth and I am an aspiring writer and director. TWO FAMILIAR STRANGERS is my fifth short film and I hope it will help me take the next step in my career. After my third project THREE SHOTS and my last film DEEP SHIT got selected at various film festivals, I found my passion in the genre of dark comedy. I want to tell tragic, but funny stories and leave the audience unsure whether they should laugh or cry, because life is not just black or white, it is a grayzone in between.


Director: Markus Müller

Screenplay: Markus Müller

Cinematography: Tobias Files

Editing: Markus Müller


Original title: Zwei Vertraute Fremde

Running time: 18'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Germany

Completion date: August 2022