by Zlatina Tochkova

National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Bulgaria


Velislav’s life has always been influenced by his father’s will - he’s a successful lawyer. After another family fight, Velislav runs away to his grandfather Asen. Sadly, after his sudden death, the boy returns to the world of law, lessons and arguments without a chance of escaping again. In the seemingly endless tunnel, however, a light appears when Velislav meets Iliya - an elderly street musician, in whom he finds the warmth of his deceased grandfather. Boy’s attempts to balance between the musician and father fail. Soon the whole family collapses under the pressure of the authoritarian father.

Director's biography

Zlatina Tochkova was born in 1998. Her interest in cinema grew up right before graduating high school - in 2016 she started a BA course “Film & TV Directing” at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in Sofia. Apart from directing, her work also includes photography and music. She’s currently studying MA course “Digital Arts” at the National Academy of Art in Sofia.


Director: Zlatina Tochkova

Screenplay: Marina Tsoneva

Cinematography: Veronica Hristova

Editing: Kristian Petrov

Music: Blessed By Saturn


Original title: Veltmаister

Running time: 24'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Bulgaria

Completion date: February 2021