When You Forget July

by Sara Radusinović

Akademija Umjetnosti Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Tara and Igor are two people in their thirties. They live completely different lives. Tara made a career as a successful screenwriter in Belgrade while Igor is unemployed and lives in Banja Luka. While Tara occasionally stays in the apartment of her boyfriend who is a famous actor in the region, Igor lives with his wife and two children. Tara is a modern and independent woman with very little feeling for the traditional framework of the Balkans and gives the impression that she is younger than she is. Igor is a bit lost in space and time and gives the impression of an eternal teenager. At first glance, they have nothing in common, even visually they are quite different. However, Tara and Igor were madly in love ten years ago. Their relationship was very turbulent, but also enchanting and euphoric - just the way it should be in the early twenties. Now, ten years later, they have both fallen into everyday life and a certain monotony of life that seems less fun than when they were young. When they meet again after so many years, they start waking up to emotions that have long since ceased to exist ... or did they at least think so?

Director's biography


Director: Sara Radusinović

Screenplay: Sara Radusinović


Original title: Kad zaboraviš jul

Running time: 21'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Completion date: June 2022