by Aleksandr Kim

International Film School Cologne, Germany


The already tense atmosphere in the waiting room of a divorce lawyer comes to a head for two almost-divorcées after a minor accident. While visiting the toilet, the soon-to-be ex-wife angrily damages the zipper of her pants. Driven by her full bladder, she desperately seeks help from her still-husband. His attempt to help her only makes things worse....

Director's biography

Aleksandr Kim was born in 1983 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan | 2000-2006 studied law at KRSU, Bishkek | after graduation worked for television and theater | 2016-2019 studied film directing at VGIK, Moscow | since 2019 is in Germany | since 2021 studies film directing at the ISF International Filmschool Cologne.


Director: Aleksandr Kim

Screenplay: Aleksandr Kim, Keyan Abdollahi

Cinematography: Benedikt Horst Pawils

Editing: Simon Behrendt

Music: Simon Behrendt

Producer: Maxine Müller, Ray Bremer


Original title: Reißverschluss

Running time: 07'

Film type: Fiction

Country: Germany

Completion date: August 2022